Saturday, August 19, 2017

Welcome to Grade 7 Math

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the new Academic Year! I hope you enjoyed your summer and relaxed. My name is Mr. Tepe and I will be the mathematics teacher of Grade 7 this year. 

In grade 7 and 8 we are going to follow Cambridge International Mathematics Secondary 1 framework. I will use the following books as a reference. 

1. Oxford International Maths for Cambridge Secondary 1 (Cambridge Checkpoint and Beyond) (book 2)
2. Mathematics for the International Student Year 7 MYP 2

It is optional for students to buy these books.

Please follow the blog pages to see the math homework and announcements. I will assign homework twice a week.

Students should use grid lined notebooks during the math classes. I have not been able to find big size notebooks in Japan so far, and therefore decided to use the same type of books that students were using in primary years. So you can purchase grid lined notebooks from local shops.

It is also suggested to keep math papers (math essay, classwork, quiz papers, handout activity papers and worksheets) in folders during the year. Keeping a notebook and archiving papers will help students to have better opportunities while preparing for math exams. Moreover note taking is an essential skill for students to gain in early years.

This year students will also need to purchase a scientific calculator. It can be any brand, but I think Casio is easier to use. Please make sure that it is not a graphics calculator; they are very expensive. 

However I must emphasize that calculators will be used in a limited way during grade 7 and 8. Students will not do every calculation on the calculator. That’s why solutions in homework assignments and paper exams need to be shown with methods and steps. In some papers students will not be allowed to use calculator at all. For your information, math topics like estimation circles, percentages and statistics require use of calculator. Use of calculator is another essential skill to learn this year since students will need it in high school math and science classes. We are going to use the calculator in mid-September so I request everyone to come to my class with a calculator on Monday, Sep 11.

Lastly students need to have a geometry set which contains a 20 or 30 cm ruler, a compass and a protractor. 

In short here are the supply list for math classes:
l  Grid lined notebook
l  A Folder to carry papers
l  Scientific calculator
l  Geometry set
l  Pencil, eraser

I hope it will be a successful and fruitful year for all of us. I am looking forward to see my students soon. 

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Tepe

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