Friday, September 8, 2017

Art Updates - September

Grade 7 artists have been learning about art styles, and are beginning to focus on impressionism.  This week we broke out the chalk and started using the impressionist style in our work.  First we drew a basic sunset, using only five colors on black paper, creating the colors of the sky and the texture of the waves using short, choppy marks.
Our next step was to try applying this technique to our hands.  Our first art project will be a portrait - we look forward to sharing our work with you soon.
Drawing Contest Announcement!  There are two contests coming up that are open to all interested students.  The first is the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection's International Children's Drawing Contest. Submissions are due September 30th, so you'll need to get right to work.  The theme for this contest is "Harmony: a beautiful state of being when sounds, colors, people, or nature come together as one.  What is your version of harmony?"  Your work should be no bigger than A4, and may be any material as long as it's 2D!  We will spend time working on this contest in class next week, so start thinking about what harmony means to you.

The second contest is the 6th Drawing Contest sponsored by Kyodai Remittance.  You have a little more time to get your work ready for this one - we have until October 31 to send in your submissions.  This contest's topic is: The place I want to go with my family.  Your work should be no bigger than A4, and may be any material as long as it's 2D!  Please see Ms. Mutrux if you have any questions about either of these contests.

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