Monday, September 25, 2017

September Blog Homeroom

Dear Parents,

Grade 7 has had a great start to the year! The Grade 7’s have made new friends and have been acquainted with old friends. There are lots of great trips planned and our monthly activity is in the works.

With new faces all around, the students have now been acquainted with the new staff and have welcomed back the old. A normal routine has been set and the students are getting used to their transition from Primary to Secondary.

In English class, we have had a fun start to the year by making genre based movie trailers and learning about language features through song lyrics. The students enjoy their daily Fact of the Day and have gotten quite good at riddles! They are also becoming expert Scrabble players through their Word Warm up games by increasing their vocabulary in this fun word creation game.

Social studies has also begun well as students have started to learn about both History and Geography. In Geography, students have been able to make scale maps, mental maps and are working on grid reference maps. In History, students have had a debate on their opinion of the most important historical figure, as well as learn about important people and events throughout history.

Another class the Grade 7's have begun this year is character development. This class focuses student well being, and teaches them the best way to emotionally progress into being a teenager. So far this year, we are focusing on our mindsets and goals. This includes ways to be a healthy thinker, as well as creating useful goals for the future.

Overall, Grade 7 has had a wonderful start, and I've enjoyed getting to know each member of the Grade 7 team!

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