Thursday, October 19, 2017

French Newsletter

Dear parents,

In October, we finished the first Unit. Now, Grade 7 students can tell their name, spell it, ask what something is, who somebody is. The students also know how to count to 20.

From now one, they will become more and more familiar with the characteritics of French, especially how to change verbs or the specificity of masculine and feminine and its influence when they have to build a sentence in French.

They had a quiz about the content of every lessons of this first Unit. I could see that many students were mastering what we studied in class. However, some of them need to listen more in class or review more carefully at home their French booklet. It's important that the students don't hesitate to ask me whenever they don't understand something or have some doubts about the pronounciation and so on.

After the quiz, I made them watch the beginning of "The Three Musketeers", a French musical based on the famous French eponymous novel.

In November and December, we will study the second Unit and I will give a new booklet.

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