Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Homework October 3rd

If not finished in class, please finish the descriptive writing for showing in your writing and not telling.

WALT show in our writing and not tell.

4 senses- ALL show and not tell.
2 language features
3 wow words
8-10 sentences



Examples of show, not tell:

Tell: Loud noises were heard in the light house.
Show: Crashing noises echoed within the rusty lighthouse.

Tell: I saw the rusty lighthouse in the fog.
Show: A Rusty looking lighthouse appeared in the distance.

Tell: I could smell the enormous salty waves hitting the lighthouse.
Show: Salt burning my nose as the enormous waves hit the lighthouse.

Design a clock which works with sunlight. Read pages 110-111. Write down the meaning of the words that you don't understand into your notebook.

As posted.

Kanji no 30

Practice Guitar chords.

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