Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Japanese JAL October

Hello all G7 JAL students,
We just finished our ‘Onomatopoeia project’ this week. I will put up the posters in a conspicuous place on the 1st floor after the break and teachers will vote the best poster! Good luck!!
This month, the Genki 1 students took unit 1 and 2 and Unit 3 listening test and The Genki 2 students took Unit 14 test and a Unit 16 listening test. Please check the Jupiter for the result. 
We had 3 kanji/vocab test and watched Genki role play videos this month. If you haven't catch up with your workbook to Unit 17 for Genki 2 and Unit 4 for Genki 1, please try to finish at home. 

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