Monday, October 2, 2017

Japanese ( JAL)

Hello. We have started with new textbooks and workbooks called “Genki”. 3 students are learning with Genki volume 1 and others are learning with Genki volume 2. As usual, we have vocab or kanji quiz on Mondays. This year we have a new system for the quiz; when you scored 80% or more, you can go to the next level. 
Also every week, we watch NHK Nihongo News on web, and talk what are happening in the world. It is okay to use English at that time, but we learn key words of the week in Japanese.
Every other week, we make a small project with PC, to learn how to type in Japanese, to create power point slide in Japanese and give a presentation in Japanese.
If you haven’t bring workbook fee yet, please bring it by October 7th.
Please email me whenever you have any concern and questions at

Shizuka Miller

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