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Grade 7 November Blog

A Note from your teacher:
This month has gone by quickly with lots of great moments. The students have bonded well and are working together as a team. Here are some of the Grade 7’s favourite moments of November:

“This month I enjoyed making new words in the vocabulary jumble in English, and photoshop in ICT!!”

“ I liked learning about famous people in History! “

“ I loved learning about shapes in Geometry, and using the compass!”

“ I loved the cornstarch day in science.”

“ I enjoyed practicing the dance for Japanese culture day!”

“ I enjoyed doing the short play in English!”

“ I liked doing the vocals in music!”

“ I like learning French because then I learn a new language!”

“I love doing project which is related with what we learnt in Japanese classes!”

Mark your calendar:
Term exams will be coming up in December.
Dec. 5- French and science 
Dec. 6- English and Math 
Dec. 7-English and Japanese
Dec. 8- History

Congratulations to Anica, Haru and Jin who have received the highest amount of merits this month!

Upcoming major tests and assignments:
Term tests:
Dec. 5- French and science tests
Dec. 6- English and Math tests
Dec. 7-English and Japanese
Dec. 8- History

A peek at the month:

Language Arts:
This month we have been focusing on Horror stories. We have been looking at literary devices and key elements of horror stories, such as foreshadowing and flashbacks. The students have been getting a lot of writing practice, creating their own versions of flashbacks and foreshadowing. They have also had the opportunity to act out their piece of writing to gain deeper knowledge.

Social Studies:
This month in Geography, we have continued with our unit on maps. The students have learned various map types as well as the key essential elements of maps and how to create their own. In history, we are looking at historical figures and events and how they have made an impact on the world.

In Grade  7 Music Class, students are practicing their performance piece for the Rock Band Showcase, Hound Dog.  In class we have divided into different instrumental sections such as guitar, bass guitar, and vocals, and students have spent time working in those groups to learn their individual parts.  We will soon begin to perform the song start to finish as a full ensemble.  I am excited to see them perform at the Celebration of Learning next month!

Visual Arts:
In Grade 7 Art we are transitioning from studying the Impressionists to studying a major influence on them, Japan’s ukiyo-e printmakers.  We’ve looked at a variety of prints and talked about the subject matter they show - things that people enjoy.  We’re particularly enjoying working with ink and brush to explore the way these artists used line in their work.  In two weeks we will be visiting a major exhibition at the National Museum of Western Art that will illustrate all the ways Hokusai and his contemporaries affected artists working in Europe.

This month, Grade 7 students learned a lot about constructing geometrical shapes and diagrams. They had a chance to discover the very foundations of geometry. They learned to use compasses, rulers and straight edges to construct circles and arcs, parallel lines, perpendicular and angle bisectors as Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks did thousands of years ago. There were joyful moments when they realized they can use their spatial skills to do math. We are approaching to the end of the geometry unit. They will be working on a project where they will construct 3D solids from cardboards.

Grade 7
We learned about Particle Theory, Metals, Non-metals and more about chemical reactions. Student learned how related to Particle Theory related to our lives. Particle theory helps to explain properties and behavior of materials by providing a model which enables us to visualize what is happening on a very small scale inside those materials. As a model it is useful because it appears to explain many phenomena and let us see the bigger picture in nature. Students learned how to apply Particle theory to our life and they came to a conclusion that to be able to understand a culture, a community or even a small group of people we need to understand the individuals and interaction among them. Students also learned about chemical reactions. They learned about how an element’s behavior can change when it reacts with a different element. Sometimes a harmless element might turn to a poison when it reacts with certain types of chemicals. Sometimes the opposite happens and a poisonous element can be one of the most needed compound for all living things. Students understand the importance of choosing a right friend in their life. In science there are innumerable things that we can relate to our life since the science itself is a living thing. All students are enjoying in science since they are not taking science as a subject but as a part of their life.  
We have done numerous activities in class including  Some of the volunteer students are working very hard to create new project for international science competitions such as Google Science and Genius Olympiads in USA.

French :
This month, we have learned a new verb, “to have”. It is very useful to express age (since in French, contrary to English, we use it to say how old somebody is) and to describe family. Students have also learned the numbers until 30, months, how to say their age, their birthday and family members. Before the term test in December, we still have to study how to build a negative sentence and talk about pets. We will continue to practice vocabulary using many interactive games, songs and I plan to show some videos about “The three musketeers” since we are reading at the end of each unit a comics inspired from this novel.

Japanese as Native Language (JNL):
This month, we have learnt a new article about endangered species. After this article, we started to do a project which is related with what we learnt in this term. Students set their goals and create an academic poster, manga or etc...  I am planning to do a project in each term. The presentation of project will be held on 21st November. After presentation, we will learn about Japanese cherry blossoms with an article. Almost students give me their Kanji homework on every Thursday.  Thank you very much for your cooperation every day! Also, Japanese Culture Day was held on 16th November. We enjoyed it so much!

Japanese (JAL):
Genki 2 students- We had a unit 16 test this month and you can see the result on Jupiter.
Genki 1 students- We had a Unit 3 vocab test, and two of them have not passed yet.
We are now working on unit 17 (Genki 2) and Unit 3-4 (Genki 1), as usual we watch dialogue video clips, make some sentences with the key grammars on verbal, and do workbook.
For the activity part, we did two things; 1. As an individual activity, each student made a short story with 10 essential words that they pick one each, and shared stories in class.  We found that we could make completely different stories with the same words. It was fun activity.  2. As a pair activity we draw a character and write about the character.

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