Friday, February 9, 2018

Due Date is Tuesday, February 20.
My Expectation: You sould be able to answer the all the questions independently. 
Dear students

You can answer all the questions by using only our google site however, We shall learn to use different resources to see things from different angles, perspectives or point of views that is why l am referring different websites here. You might want to find different websites too but never ever spend too much of time researching and less time on learning. 
Repeat the background research techniques in scientific method section in within this site.  

Questions and Answers 

1.       What is scientific method? Explain briefly.
You can find the answer in the following links 
2.       What is abstract?
3.       What is scientific question? Explain and give one example. 
4.       What is scientific observation? 
5.       How to do background research for a science project?
6.       What is a Hypothesis?
7.       What are Independent and Dependent Variables? Give one example for each. 
8.       How to do your presentation. Mention about 3 important thing and explain.

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