Monday, February 5, 2018

Homework February 5th

Finish the four questions about the traffic lights.

  1. Make 3 connections between the articles. (Find 3 similarities)
  2. Make 1 connection between these articles and another invention in the world that is similar.
  3. Out of the 3 inventions, which do you think is the most useful? Why do you think that?
  4. Create your own invention to help with traffic safety.

JAL-Finish your survey. Due mon
GENKI 18 unit test
JNL- Kanji no.20 due 2/8
         Kanji no.36 due 2/12

TEST TOMORROW ABOUT STATISTICS! Practice from sample test (answer key is on the blog).

Film a video 2-5 mins (advertisement)

Learn wild stringdom (29)

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